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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


In August i got a 'planned chance' to visit Singapore. Planned because my wife was going anyways on official trip and chance because she asked me to come if i am willing.

Journey begun early in the morning with the book Swaraj by Arvind Kejriwal which i bought on jantar-mantar while trying to participate in Anna Hazare movement being a great patriot ;) In the start i was bit shy to open a hindi book in flight when some dude with Ray Ban is fiddling with his i-phone on the next seat. I pretended to be in fond memory of the nation leaving behind but my conscience was kicking me continuously  for not opening the book in turn not respecting the mother tongue. In the war of internal contradiction, good won over bad and the 'Swaraj' suddenly came into existence right in front of my eyes. I was happy from within and smile on the face was best proof of that.

The book is really nice to understand the problems and its causes at the root level of governance (Except at few places). I was enjoying the book till a voice interrupted me... sahi kaam kar rahe hain ye log...I said yes. After some more conversation it was clear that by the grace of almighty i was sitting with a great future numerologist and astrologist.

Our flight landed in Singapore around 3 pm. Mate said- It would be an honor to him if he could be of any use for such a complex journey I am travelling on. Normal human call it life, he smiled.

I traveled through the road full of button sized eyes, silky hair and red cheeks. Cab driver's face clearly showed his Indian origin but when i inquired, he replied I am singaporian sir not Indian. I didn't have courage to repeat the same question.

At night we visited Marina bay. From the top, the view is breathtaking. Its like stars have come down to earth and twinkling right in front of you. Reflection of esplanade on the river, Singapore Flyer, Clarke quay- all look so amazing from here. From Marina Bay we headed to Little India and yes Mustafa centre- Store that holds from needle to ship- everything you need, everything you can think of.

Next day I visited universal studio in sentosa and explored the whole Sentosa. I would recommend not to miss 'Songs of the sea' show in sentosa. Its a life time experience. With the help of laser and water they show 3D picture in the air. Do see it when you visit Singapore.

In my view, Singapore is a symbol of human intelligence and creativity. Everything here is quite artificial yet very natural. No mountain, no forest- still so beautiful.

10 Places to Visit:

1. Marina Bay Sands
2. Little India
3. China Town
4. Singapore Flyer
5. Clarke Quay
6. Sentosa- Never miss "Songs of the Sea"
7. Merlion
8. Night Safari
9. Botanic Garden
10. Bintan (Its small island in Indonesia. Good place to relax. Book ferry from Singapore to reach there.)


Check rating from tripadvisor and is a good site to book the hotel.



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